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Broadway Apothecary... Eugene's first compounding pharmacy. We work with your health care providers to tailor medications to your individual needs. We also provide herbal remedies, nutritional supplements and wellness support.

We are able to fill new prescriptions from a doctor's fax or original script.
To refill your current prescription, please call us and choose Option 2 or speak with one of our certified pharmacy technicians.
We will gladly ship your prescription within the state of Oregon.

Compounding Pharmacists

Our pharmacists graduated from Oregon State University's College of Pharmacy and have more than seventy-five years experience among them. Each has received specialized training in compounding techniques from PCCA, The Professional Compounding Centers of America, as well as extensive education in herbal therapies. They share a passion for bridging conventional pharmaceuticals with safe and effective complementary therapies.

Our compounding pharmacists are problem solvers, who practice the art of formulating medications to meet your individual needs. We provide an important link between you and your provider, creating a strong collaborative health care triad.

Accredited by Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board

We are honored to be among the first in the nation and the first in the state of Oregon to earn PCAB's new Seal of Accreditation. This is only awarded to pharmacies who have demonstrated the industry's highest quality and safety standards. It confirms our commitment to provide safe, personalized solutions that meet your medical needs.
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The American Medical Association (AMA) recognizes the accreditation program of the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB) and the PCAB Seal of Accreditation as a means to identify compounding pharmacies that adhere to quality and practice standards, for the preparation of individualized medications for specific patient. BROADWAY APOTHECARY IS A BOARD CERTIFIED COMPOUNDING PHARMACY. Click here for more information.

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Broadway Apothecary is Eugene's first compounding pharmacy. We work with health care providers to tailor medications to each patient's individual needs. We also provide herbal remedies, nutritional supplements and wellness support.
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Had a special prescription for an aging cat who refused pills. I had never heard of using a gel in the ears, but the pharmacist was very thorough at showing me and explaining how to use it. Also, I appreciated the follow-up call to see how things were going. - Donna Nixon
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