The Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board
 awards its Seal of Accreditation to pharmacies that voluntarily participate in the industry’s most rigorous evaluation processes.

Broadway Apothecary is the first pharmacy in the state of Oregon – and one of the first in the nation – to earn the PCAB® Seal of Accreditation.

PCAB national standards are based on the concurrent recommendations of industry experts who validate the pharmacy’s nationally accepted quality control and improvement processes.

Broadway Apothecary underwent extensive evaluation by a PCAB® surveyor to:

  • Assess the pharmacy’s system of staff competency maintenance and assurance.
  • Inspect the facility, equipment, records and procedures required to prepare quality compounded medications.
  • Review on-site testing processes.
  • Verify FDA registered and/or licensed sources of chemical ingredients.
  • Certify proper licensing in each state the pharmacy serves.

The FDA does not review compounded medications for safety or efficacy.

PCAB Accredited Pharmacy