Compounded Medications

Our specialties include the following areas of treatment:

  • Upper & Lower Respiratory Care
  • Wound & Skin Conditions
  • Topical Pain Management
  • Women’s Health
  • Weight Loss

Speak with your healthcare provider and one of our pharmacists today about how compounded or specialty medications may be the right choice for you.

Broadway InTouch

A medication change after an illness, injury or new diagnosis can be a complicated experience. Our Broadway InTouch patient follow-up program demonstrates our commitment to support you during this time of transition. In addition to a comprehensive initial consultation, your pharmacist will take the time and the initiative to support your progress while you adjust to your new prescription plan. We’ll be InTouch!

Culture Review

Broadway Apothecary’s culture review service for healthcare providers considers both appropriate treatment options and insurance dynamics to find the best solution for each patient. Our targeted compounding models combine with the patient-specific expertise of healthcare providers to relieve upper respiratory, lower respiratory, ear, nose, throat and skin infections. Speak with a Broadway Apothecary pharmacist today to request a culture review and recommendations for your patient’s customized infection management plan.

Interpreter Service

Broadway Apothecary is committed to supporting the regional and cultural diversity of the individuals and communities we serve. We believe that respectful, accurate and confidential communication is essential to provide the comprehensive consultation and individualized care that each patient deserves. Certified Languages International (CLI) is our partner in professional, on-demand interpreting services that our patients, healthcare providers and staff trust.

Shipping and Delivery

Broadway Apothecary maintains pharmacy licensure in Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Idaho, Arizona, Nevada, Montana, and Hawaii. Upon request and when permitted by your insurance, Broadway Apothecary’s compounded prescriptions can be delivered directly to your door. We consider weather conditions along the shipping route while packing your temperature-sensitive order, and we carefully track each parcel until it’s safely in your hands. We accommodate the delivery details that streamline your customized healthcare experience.


Our staff is dedicated to support your informed payment decisions with timely and accurate information. Broadway Apothecary accepts most commercial prescription insurance plans, including Medicare Part D. Let us do the work to streamline your insurance billing experience so you and your pharmacist can focus on your optimal health.